What skip bin size do I need?

Easy Skip Hire has extensive experience in advising customers of the potential pitfalls of hiring a skip bin.

In our experience, around 95% of customers including home owners, tenants, landlords, property managers, renovators or deceased estates, order the wrong bin size or type, which can be a costly mistake. Customers may over or under estimate the size of the skip bin required to meet their needs.

For example, the physical dimensions of a couch or mattress, or the length of pieces or timber from a renovation or a tree branch from a garden tidy-up may mean that the skip bin is too small to meet your needs.

In address, the weight of certain materials such as tiles, timber, concrete, bricks or thick tree stumps, may mean that the maximum weight capacity of a skip bin is exceeded.

2 cubic meter skip bin

8 Wheelie bins


2 trailer loads

3 cubic meter skip bin

12 Wheelie bins


3 trailer loads

4 cubic meter skip bin

16 Wheelie bins


4 trailer loads

5 cubic meter skip bin

20 Wheelie bins


5 trailer loads

6 cubic meter skip bin

24 Wheelie bins


6 trailer loads

8 cubic meter skip bin

32 Wheelie bins


8 trailer loads

Skip Bin Size & Estimate

Estimating the bin size for your rubbish is not an easy task. Getting it wrong will cost you money, time and frustration. There are several factors that impact the right bin selection.

Considerations and complexity increases if your rubbish is located at different places in your house or if you have multiple sites.

Above information is just the guide for you to compare and relate wheelie bins vs skip bin to assist in deciding which service is best for you.

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If you are still unsure then please take a picture of your rubbish and send it to us (info@easyskiphire.com.au) . We will guide you through the process and and provide you with a more accurate quote.

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