Dumped Rubbish Removal Melbourne

Do you have a vacant block that you intend to build your dream home or investment property on only to recently discover that someone has dumped rubbish illegally on your property? Has someone illegally left rubbish on your business premises? Has some dumped rubbish on your nature strip?

Illegal Rubbish Dumping Cleared by Easy Skip Hire

In either instance, please call Easy Skip Hire today on 1300 397 547 to assist you.

How to remove dumped rubbish?

Of course, you could try to remove the dumped rubbish yourself. However, this would involve your time and effort to lift difficult and heavy items for removal. How will you dispose of this waste?

Instead, you could ask Easy Skip Hire to help. We are the professional and trusted name in rubbish removal Melbourne wide. We have received over 200 all 5-star customer reviews.

  • We can attend your premises and remove the dumped rubbish for you, EASY! That’s right, we load your rubbish, so that you can get on with planning your new build or conducting your business.
  • In addition, our service offers that you only pay for your actual volume of rubbish. That means that you do not have to estimate the volume of your rubbish.
  • Our service is mobile, so we can very efficiently remove the rubbish generally either on the same day or next day. We can attend your site or premises either before, during or after hours.
  • We recycle wherever possible.
  • Our staff are professional, trained, uniformed, background checked and insured.
  • Safe, secure and fully insured.

Illegal Dumping Melbourne

Several news agencies reported that illegal rubbish dumping is on the rise in Melbourne. Please visit our blog post: https://easyskiphire.com.au/blog/illegal-rubbish-dumping-in-melbourne-is-on-the-rise/

Please call us today on 1300 397 547 to discuss your rubbish removal needs.

Please also see other Customer Reviews, Gallery and our Facebook page with more articles, information and Easy Skip Hire responses to illegal dumping Melbourne.

Dumped Rubbish Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

Easy Skip Hire can hire you a mobile skip bin. Our mobile skip bins are accessible with ramp access. As our skip bins are mobile, so no council permit is required. Our Mobile skip bins are the size of an SUV and therefore fit narrow access sites.

Please call us today on 1300 397 547 to discuss your skip bin hire needs.

Illegally Dumped rubbish customer

Easy Skip Hire helped a customer with removal of an enormous amount of illegally dumped rubbish, clearing 30 cubic metres of rubbish and saving thousands of dollars for our customer. See the Customer Review and Before and After Photos below. See the full story.

Customer Review

rubbish removal review

Before And After Photos

Rubbish Removal Big Job

Illegal rubbish cleared by Easy Skip Hire

best rubbish removal melbourne

Illegal Rubbish Dumping Cleared by Easy Skip Hire

Report Dumped Rubbish

Illegal dumping is a problem occurring Melbourne wide. Have you seen dumped rubbish in your local council area? Each local council is fighting against illegal dumping within their municipality and grappling with how to address this issue.

Here’s how you can help too:

Melbourne City Council Street Cleaning Litter

You can report illegally dumped rubbish to Melbourne city council using their on-line form and track progress on-line, or call them on (03) 9658 9658. Please see: https://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/residents/home-neighbourhood/Pages/street-cleaning-litter.aspx

City of Port Philip Dumped Rubbish

You can report illegally dumping to the City of Port Philip using the online dumped rubbish form. Please see: http://www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/dumped_rubbish.htm

You can also help identify illegal dumpers. Please contact City of Port Philip via ASSIST on 03 9209 6777 or assist@portphillip.vic.gov.au.

City of Stonnington Request a Service

Report dumped rubbish or hard waste to the City of Stonnington via the on-line form. Please see:

Yarra City Council Online Requests

Report Dumped rubbish to the yarra city council on-line. Please see: https://www.yarracity.vic.gov.au/all-online-requests

Banyule City Council

The Banyule City Council has recently prepared a Dumped Rubbish and Litter Plan. Please see relevant information: https://www.banyule.vic.gov.au/Services/Waste-Services-Rubbish-and-Recycling/Dumped-Rubbish-and-Litter-Plan?BestBetMatch=dumping|6b191bab-c16b-49a3-afee-bee15664f127|414cb327-82b9-4708-a52c-a14d01244ce4|en-AU

You can lodge a customer service request on-line, by telephone or in person. See: https://www.banyule.vic.gov.au/Services/Customer-Service

Bayside City Council

For illegal dumping or other matters within Bayside City Council, you could email: yoursay@bayside.vic.gov.au, Telephone (03) 95994444 or visit Bayside City Council in person at 76 Royal Avenue, PO Box 27, Sandringham, VIC 3191.

City of Boorandarra

You can report dumped waste or rubbish or someone dumping rubbish on an app, via email or call the City of Boorandarra Council. Please see attached link for more information: https://www.boroondara.vic.gov.au/waste-environment/dumped-waste-and-litter

Brimbank City Council Dumped Waste and Litter

You can reporting any incidence of dumped waste to Brimbank City Council via email or phone. See: https://www.brimbank.vic.gov.au/news-and-events/media-releases-2018/july-2018/brimbank’s-war-waste-–-shout-out-‘stop-rubbish’

You can also report illegal dumping on-line: https://www.brimbank.vic.gov.au/forms/report-it.


City of Darebin Illegal Dumping

Please see attached link for information about reporting illegal dumping within the city of Darebin: http://www.darebin.vic.gov.au/Darebin-Living/RubbishRecyclingandCleaning/Illegal-Dumping

Glen Eira City Council Dumped Rubbish

You can report dumped rubbish via email or phone. Please see: https://www.gleneira.vic.gov.au/Resident-services/Garbage-and-recycling/Dumped-rubbish

Hobsons Bay City Council Dumped Rubbish

You can report dumped rubbish to Hobsons Bay City Council via an on-line form: https://www.hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au/Services/Request-a-Service/Dumped-rubbish

City of Kingston Illegal Disposal

You can call customer service at the City of Kingston to report illegal disposal:

Manningham Report Dumped Rubbish

You can report dumped rubbish to the Manningham Litter Watch Hotline: https://www.manningham.vic.gov.au/report-dumped-rubbish-or-litter

Maribyrnong City Council Report Dumped Rubbish

To report dumped rubbish, you can submit a request online: https://www.maribyrnong.vic.gov.au/Residents/Staying-safe-and-healthy/Clean-communities/Report-dumped-rubbish-and-litter

City of Monash Dumped Rubbish

Dumped rubbish can be reported to the City of Monash: https://www.monash.vic.gov.au/Services/Rubbish-Recycling/Keeping-Monash-Clean/Dumped-rubbish

City of Moonee Valley Report an Issue

You can use the City of Moonee Valley mobile friendly request site to report an issue, including dumped rubbish: https://www.mvcc.vic.gov.au/about-the-council/request-for-service.aspx

Moreland City Council Dumped Rubbish

Report dumped rubbish through the Moreland Council website or by contacting them: https://www.moreland.vic.gov.au/environment-bins/clean-streets/dumped-rubbish/

City of Whitehorse Litter and Dumped Rubbish

Residents can call Council’s Customer Service Department to report dumped rubbish:

Wyndham City Submit a Customer Service Request

Click on the report an Issue Button to report dumped rubbish https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/contact-us/submit-customer-service-request

Report Illegal Dumping to Victorian State Government Authorities

Environment Protection Authority Victoria

You can also report illegal dumping to the Victorian Government’s Environment Protection Authority Victoria’s Hotline. Please see: https://www.epa.vic.gov.au/get-involved/illegal-dumping

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