7 things to remember when you next get your rubbish removal job done

There are several things you need to consider when clearing garbage from your home, backyard, renovation, office, school or construction site.

  1. Safety, doing the work yourself and common sense – it’s safer not to attempt waste removal projects if you have no experience doing so. Doing a rubbish removal job by yourself may sound simple but there are several things that can go wrong instantly and that is why you need professional help to get rid of your rubbish. Lifting heavy items posses a high possibility of injury. Also, dealing with hidden sharp objects can be challenging and injuries are instant, which is why our staff are well trained and equipped to avoid such possible hazards. When Easy Skip Hire and Rubbish Removal offer free labour with our removal hidings why would you do it yourself?
  2. Local Council – Generally you will have to book weeks in advance for a council rubbish collection and importantly councils have a limits as how much rubbish they can take away and are very specific on approved waste types. Also, you will need to make your rubbish deposited on the nature strip only during specified timing. If you will fail to do then you may lose your chance whilst you hope that the neighbours do not add to your pile making it oversized, contaminated with non approved waste types or hazards. Your job will be rejected and you will be issued with notices prior to heavy fines.
  3. Skip Bins pose numerous challenges that are not easily recognised upfront. Most often council approval or permits are required and there may be a fee involved. Further, the process may be complicated and take some time.
  4. Cross contaminated bins, intended or otherwise. A common complaint is your neighbour filling your bin. Skips on your land held for several days have a high probability of passers by or your neighbours seeing it as an opportunity to remove their waste, for which you become liable.
  5. Property Damage – Traditionally Bins are large, wide, long and low. They are delivered and removed by heavy trucks, very often resulting in driveway, nature strip or property damage.
  6. Getting the wrong Bin size delivered – From our experience, the incidence of incorrect bin sizes being order is as high as 95%! Yes, the majority under order which poses huge issues, requiring another bin and often delays and additional permits. Alternatively, over ordering a bin in size means you wasted money on a bin that was simply too big.
  7. Incompatible waste types, contaminated bins – By talking to us you reduce or even eliminate the risk of mixing incompatible waste types. This saves money, fines, fees and general head aches. See www.easyskiphire.com.au for a guide on waste type compatibility.

Easy Skip Hire

When you look to next hire your local Melbourne based rubbish removal Company, do not forget to check their reviews and feedback to check if they have good history in the community.

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