Illegally Dumped Rubbish Removal

Has someone trashed the vacant block intended to build your dream home?

Did you open your business premises only to find illegally dumped rubbish?

Was your nature strip used as landfill?

Dumped rubbish has become a growing problem in Australia, with its presence posing significant threats to the environment, public health, and community safety.

You can’t rely on your local council to handle illegally dumped rubbish. They often issue fines instead of collecting it, giving only a week’s notice. If the rubbish remains uncleared for seven days, you could face penalties. And, ignoring it won’t save you either, as you could still receive fines.

Our expert team is here to help! Easy Skip Hire & Rubbish Removal can efficiently and effectively clear illegally dumped rubbish for you within 24 hours, avoiding unnecessary penalties, potential health hazards, and ensuring a clean environment.

What is Illegally Dumped Rubbish?

Illegally dumping refers to waste that is unlawfully disposed of in locations such as dumped rubbish on private land, nature strips, or public areas. Unlike regular household waste, dumped rubbish disregards proper waste management practices. 

According to the EPA Victoria, dumping constitutes leaving, tipping, burying, and stockpiling waste at unlicensed locations. It’s illegal to dump rubbish on public or private land and it’s a crime that costs Victorians $30 million annually.

How to Remove Dumped Rubbish?

Save yourself the energy and effort of loading and removing dumped rubbish. Not only are we a trusted name in rubbish removal Melbourne, but we have seen enough illegal dumping to often identify the culprits (if possible) and make them financially responsible for the cost of the clean-up.

With Easy Skip Hire & Rubbish Removal you are in good hands:

  • We attend your premises and load the dumped rubbish for you, EASY! 
  • You only pay for the actual volume of rubbish (per cubic metre)
  • We do our best to minimise the rubbish so it costs less
  • You don’t have to estimate skip size, our mobile skip bins cater to all
  • We offer same-day rubbish removal or next-day so you can avoid any council fines
  • We can attend your site or premises either before, during or after hours
  • We recycle up to 98% wherever possible
  • Our staff are professional, trained, uniformed, background checked and fully insured
  • Three Best Rated rubbish removal services in Melbourne 8 years running (2016-2023)
  • Read our 400+ 5 Star customer reviews – we love happy customers

Illegal Dumping Melbourne – Case Study

Easy Skip Hire helped a customer with the removal of an enormous amount of illegally dumped rubbish, clearing 30 cubic metres of junk that was illegally dumped on a customer’s property and saving them thousands of dollars. During the process our team:

  • We discovered who illegally dumped the rubbish
  • Got them to acknowledge their actions
  • Required them to pay the cost of our service, saving the customer money
  • Had them remove remaining waste at no cost to the customer before council fines
easy skip hire customer review

Several news outlets have reported that illegal rubbish dumping is on the rise in Melbourne. For more information, visit our blog post on illegal dumping on the rise.

How To Prevent Rubbish Dumped on Private Land

To prevent illegal dumping on private land, property owners can take proactive measures such as installing security cameras or fencing to deter potential offenders. By creating a secure environment, property owners can discourage and potentially eliminate the incidence of dumped rubbish on their land.

Check out our blog on how to stop illegal dumping.

Our rubbish removal services cover wider Melbourne from Geelong to Melton to the Bayside. We are just a call away. Book now.

Avoid Fines and Contact Us for Easy Rubbish Removal

Dumped rubbish poses significant environmental and public health risks, and it is crucial to tackle this issue head-on. By understanding the impact of illegally dumped rubbish outside houses, on private land, or on nature strips, we can take appropriate action. 

By taking action, you are contributing to the safety and cleanliness of your community and avoiding council fines.

Report Rubbish Dumping

Illegal dumping is a problem occurring Melbourne-wide. Report rubbish dumping to the relevant authorities and implement preventive measures to deter illegal dumping. Local councils are fighting against illegal dumping within their municipality.

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Quick and thorough service. Wish I'd found it sooner. Very happy customer!
Ruth O'Mahony
Ruth O'Mahony
Reached out to Steve to dispose of a lot of green waste. Steve responded promtly and was even able to attend a few hours later. He was friendly and professional and I would hesitate to recommend his services.
K Pamaran
K Pamaran
Easy Skip Hire & Rubbish Removal exceeded my expectations with their excellent and efficient service! I found myself in a predicament after another rubbish company stopped servicing my area, leaving me with a pile of waste and nowhere to turn. Luckily, Easy Skip Hire came to the rescue, swiftly collecting my rubbish and putting my mind at ease. Their team was incredibly easy to communicate with, and their professionalism truly made a difference. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable rubbish removal!
Geoff Barbour
Geoff Barbour
I was very pleased with the job done for me by Easy Skip Hire and Rubbish Removal when I was clearing my mum's deceased estate. I have recommended them to others many times. Arrived promptly and got the job done very efficiently.
Lisa Petricca
Lisa Petricca
Had a fantastic experience with this company. Steve responded to my text quickly, was on time, removed all the branches piled up in the carport and cleaned up everything perfectly after.
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Lowest Price Guarantee*: If you find a lower comparable quote - we'll beat it by 10%!

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