Easy Skip Hire – Melbourne Wide Rubbish Removal & Skip Hire

Easy Skip Hire – Melbourne Wide Rubbish Removal & Skip Hire

We are different and customers love it. 

Why load it yourself when we do it for you, no extra charge for our labour?

Why pay councils for bin permits or rather don’t pay it and risk a fine or public liability? This is what traditional bin hire companies don’t explain to you. Well, all Easy Skip Hire bins are mobile and do not need permits, they also can be parked where a typical sized car can be parked. Safer, convenient, modern & efficient.

Our blog will now be the single source of our pictures, recent jobs and notes to customers. We already have lots of Google 5 star reviews, Facebook likes & reviews, Instagram followers as well as Google+ followers. However, we will aim to educate our customers and proespective customers by making your bin hire or Rubbish removal job EASY!

We have TWO services – Bin hire and Truck pick ups (where we come to you, load it and take it all away on the spot).

Look for more blog posts moving forward and thanks for reading!

Steve and the team at Easy Skip Hire & Rubbich Removal.

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