Easy Skip Hire Vacated Tenant Rubbish Removal Job In The News

Easy Skip Hire recently completed a big tenant vacated rubbish removal job which was in a very unhealthy condition with numerous challenges including syringes and various related items. The post on our facebook page received over 50,000 (growing daily) views and series of comments, many sparking debate and shock.

The team at Easy Skip Hire completed the job successfully within one day, despite innumerable challenges.

Warning – The images may appear distressing to some.

Our staff are trained to deal with difficult situations like this.

The images also prompted viewers to look at their properties, backyards and garages and we received several rubbish removal enquiries through our Facebook page looking for assistance.

The challenge in doing this kind of work is that it may cause injury to untrained individuals and also there are range of different and difficult rubbish types mixed together. Our team cleared approximately 60 cubic meters of rubbish.

Landlords, Rental Managers, Property Managers and Tenants exiting leases alike should all take a look and contact us for assistance.

If you are in similar or better situation and need help with clearing rubbish from your home then call Easy Skip Hire customer service line on: 1300 397 547

See before and after images below.

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