10 Facts You Should Know About Green Waste

Before we begin talking about things you should know about green waste, let’s understand what green waste is and is not first.

Green waste is considered as biodegradable waste which means it can decompose over time. Green waste is broken down naturally with the help of bacteria. Generally, biodegradation can turn green waste into fertiliser. Meaning, if we manage green waste properly it can be very useful to grow plants and vegetables. Therefore soil, rock and even large stumps are usually not considered green waste.

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Green Waste Removal

Now, let’s learn some general facts about green waste. 

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1. Green waste can turn into compost

One of the best ways to dispose of green waste is composting. If the green waste is left to decompose on its own, it can produce high quantities of methane which is harmful to the environment.

Organic waste generates a large amount of methane as they decompose. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that is one of the major contributors to global warming.

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Therefore, when this waste is composted, it is safer disposal and sustainable method for the environment. Adding this compost to the soil even increases the nutrient level and improves the soil structure which is helpful in healthy plant growth. Compost isn’t usually fit for green waste rubbish removal, as intended it’s for your gardens and is too messy and has too much bacteria for any non.

2. Recycling green waste

The best way to understand green waste recycling is how the green waste is collected by local councils and then disposed of properly. When the garden waste arrives at the processing facility any material that is not compostable is removed. The process is important to remove any harmful or inorganic materials. The remaining waste is then shredded and then laid out in a long pile to decompose.

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Various techniques are used to increase the temperature up to 60 degrees, enzymes and bacteria are quickly put into action resulting in the compost a few weeks later.

3. Things that are considered green waste

Green waste is organic or gardening based which consists of biodegradable materials like Grass clippings, shrub and yard clippings, hedge trimmings, branches, plants, plants and leaves.

But there are some of the common items which can not go in your green waste bin: rock prices, biodegradable plastic etc. So, it is necessary to do this sorting or else extra effort will be required to short those before they can be decomposed.

See the full waste type guide.

4. Thing which can go into council’s green waste bin

Bread, pasta, cereal and rice, Coffee grounds and loose leaf tea, Cooking oil, Dairy leftovers including cheese, Eggshells, Flowers, Fruit, citrus and vegetable scraps, garden prunings, plants, small shrubs etc. Again, these are not then fit for any skip bin or rubbish removal as they breakdown and become putricide waste.

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5. Dumping green waste may negatively impact the environment

You may feel like dumping green waste at some location thinking it’s natural and will decompose fast, however, however, dumping green waste can have a detrimental impact on the environment. It is also illegal.

Dumping the green waste without proper treatment allows for weeds and pests to accumulate in the garden and public areas. Massive cuttings of the grass and plant bulks can block the waterways which can cause flooding.

6. Shredded papers can go into the green waste bin but not a skip bin

Small strips and pieces of paper are easy to compost items. It is recyclable and should be thrown in the yellow bins. But sometimes it’s difficult to process these shreds individually especially when in small pieces. Therefore, it is better to combine them with plant clippings and food scraps to produce good compost whenever possible.

7. Supermarkets are one of the major contributors to green waste

This should not be a surprising fact because not every vegetable or fruit you see on the shelf is being sold in the market and it’s unsold which make most of the green waste bulk.

But on the other side, they also realise this problem and they indicate they are committed to reducing the waste. Learn how Woolworths is committed to reducing food waste.

8. How much bulk green waste collection can be requested with the local council?

Different councils may have a different set of rules. According to the Portphillip council, The households and the apartment residents have the option to avail council services for disposing of large items and green waste which cannot go in the home bins.

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The council can collect up to 2m3 of hard or green waste per booking or up to 2m3 hard waste plus 2m3 green waste (which is up to 4m3 combined) and individual items under the weight of 50 Kgs and 1.5m being the length.

9. Green waste illegal dumping consequences & prevention

Illegal dumping has become a major problem in Australia. It is not the best site experience to see neighbours dumping rubbish either in your property or skip bins. It is you who has to bear the cost to get this huge mess cleared.

Generally, there is a heavy fine for dumping rubbish. You may ask the wrongdoer to either pay for the removal services or they should do it on their own.

Learn more about how to stop illegal rubbish dumping on your property.

10. How to dispose of green waste safely?

If you have limited green waste then you can use the local council wheelie bin service. If you have more rubbish then it’s best to call a professional rubbish removal company like Easy Skip Hire on 1300 397 547 or SMS pictures for a fast estimate to 0438232323 and we can dispose of the rubbish safely which can go through the recycling process.

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