Hard Rubbish Collection By Council Vs A Rubbish Removal Company. Why Use A Paid Service?

Many people ask us questions like; If the local council can collect the rubbish for free why should we pay a Company like yours at Easy Skip Hire Melbourne to do it? Our answer is always, it’s a great question worth exploring in a little more detail.

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Generally, the council gives you the opportunity to use their service to move your hard rubbish away twice a year, here are few things you should remember:

  • You will have to book the pickup with your local council.
  • Assuming you are authorised or have authorisation from the rates payer (owner) to do so.
  • You will need to move your hard rubbish by yourself and place them on your nature strip usually the day before pickup to avoid neighbours adding to your pile and you risking it being rejected.
  • If you fail to place your items on time you will lose one of your two bookings for that year.
  • Most Councils (all vary) will only accept 1-2 m3 or 1-2 lineal metres of “accepted” waste types.
  • Some accept mattresses, tyres and paint, many do not and it varies per Council.
  • Construction waste is not accepted (bricks, tiles, heavies like some timbers etc).
  • Generally, Councils are very strict on labelling the pile and the size, weight and volume of the pile as well as the actual items.
  • The typical collection timeframe may take 4-15 business days.

Phew, a bit to digest there.

Importantly, you will have to ensure your hard rubbish is in the in the approved area out front of your property and that it is within the sizing and waste types specified by the local council.

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Also, note that the council may not take all rubbish in one day as they may collect some and may leave heavy items for a different day collection.

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If you have more than a few cubic metres, several mattresses, paint tins, tyres, heavy waste types, construction waste, cannot lift it or cannot wait then it’s time to look into a trusted and reviewed Rubbish Removal Company like Easy Skip Hire. If you are located in eastern suburb and need Skip Hire Service in Ringwood or near by areas then give us a call.

Now, with a rubbish removal company, its a peace of mind as you may not need to do anything apart from booking and point to what you want to be removed. Service levels will vary and many will want it centralised or broken down. Some do not.

At Easy Skip Hire, a highly accredited and independently ranked professional rubbish removal company based in Melbourne specialising in helping locals to take their general household rubbish, green waste, hard rubbish away with an ease! You literally do not need to worry about any of council issue. Our team can come to your place with a suitable vehicle and mobile bin, they will load the rubbish for you and leave your property, home or office nice and clean. You do not have to worry about the size of your rubbish etc as our staff are well trained to cut them into pieces and load them into the bin. Enquire now for green waste bin hire today!

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You also need to understand that there are skip bin hire companies in Melbourne and they generally drop skip bin at your place for few days and you will have to load your rubbish by yourself and they generally come back in few days and take the bin away. It’s a conversation that also needs a deep dive into, however, In this situation, firstly you will have to do the work by yourself to load all your rubbish. You may also need to watch your bin and neighbour may also fill your bin and you may not realise it and you may end up paying more. And most importantly you will have to take council permission to keep the bin. Now for expensive rates, wats types, over full Bin penalties, weight penalties etc well we will cover that off in the next such article.

Also, note that we have covered some very valuable information about rubbish removal and skip bin hire service in our FAQ page. If you may have any further questions then do not hesitate to call Easy Skip Hire on:


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Quick and thorough service. Wish I'd found it sooner. Very happy customer!
Ruth O'Mahony
Ruth O'Mahony
Reached out to Steve to dispose of a lot of green waste. Steve responded promtly and was even able to attend a few hours later. He was friendly and professional and I would hesitate to recommend his services.
K Pamaran
K Pamaran
Easy Skip Hire & Rubbish Removal exceeded my expectations with their excellent and efficient service! I found myself in a predicament after another rubbish company stopped servicing my area, leaving me with a pile of waste and nowhere to turn. Luckily, Easy Skip Hire came to the rescue, swiftly collecting my rubbish and putting my mind at ease. Their team was incredibly easy to communicate with, and their professionalism truly made a difference. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable rubbish removal!
Geoff Barbour
Geoff Barbour
I was very pleased with the job done for me by Easy Skip Hire and Rubbish Removal when I was clearing my mum's deceased estate. I have recommended them to others many times. Arrived promptly and got the job done very efficiently.
Lisa Petricca
Lisa Petricca
Had a fantastic experience with this company. Steve responded to my text quickly, was on time, removed all the branches piled up in the carport and cleaned up everything perfectly after.
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Lowest Price Guarantee*: If you find a lower comparable quote - we'll beat it by 10%!

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