Looking at the safest and cheapest way to clear your construction or renovation site?

Job sites (builders and domestic home renovators) pose numerous challenges when clearing waste. 

– Safety, Council, OH&S, Security, Insurance, Access, Bin Permits, What size bin to choose and the list goes on. 

To get help with estimating volume CM3 see www.easyskiphire.com.au to use the Volume estimation tool. 

A major consideration is whether it’s best for you to use an older style bin (make sure to pay for a planning permit in advance) or a mobile Skip bin (no permit needed). Our skips are designed to never damage property or roads whilst occupying the footprint of a SUV. So ask yourself, does your site allow for a low height but very wide and large footprint style bin or not? 

Often, cages are employed on site. We will come and clear the cages for you. This is flexible and doesn’t need a permit. 

Here is an example of a cage that was flattened and cleared. 

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