Thinking Of Hiring A Traditional Skip Bin? Think Again!

Regardless of your types of waste in need of removal, from decluttering, green waste removal, hard waste bricks, rubble or if you are renovating your home or office, making the SMART decision of choosing a Rubbish Removal collection over a traditional bin could save you time, money and stress.

Easy Skip Hire & Rubbish Removal was recently awarded Top 3 best in class for the 6th straight year, we like to think for good reason. Everyone prefers EASY, so why go with an old school non-hire when you consider a few facts from our 6 years servicing the industry.

We are a rubbish removal Point Cook based company and we offer domestic and commercial rubbish removal service across Melbourne.

Traditional Skip Bin Issues

98% of people the order bins order a bin that’s too big or too small, the wrong shape, wrong style (walk-in, V shape, square, rectangle, low side, high side, drop side). Further, in our experience around 95% of the time neighbours or illegal dumpers add rubbish to partially or completely fill the bin within 24 hours of it being dropped off. Not great, not easy, not that smart if you ask us.

Additionally, there are various steps involved to get a traditional skip to your doorstep (book a min 1-2 days in advance, the access to the property, the size of the truck dropping the bin, size of the bin, likelihood of property damage as a result, best access layout to the bin when it’s dropped off etc). Then there is often the need for a council permit, neighbours to guard against especially if the bin is in the street or nature strip. In many situations, no thought is given to the size, shape, length, width, height or weight of the bin. A coach won’t go into a V-shaped bin or square, taller items won’t fit a low sided bin, and heavier items are hard to get into most bins just to call a few issues out.

We think you should consider hiring a rubbish removal company like Easy Skip Hire & Rubbish Removal who can do the job faster, easier and cheaper. You can also request for the same day rubbish removal, we do our best to help our customers based on the availability. We have been rated among the top 3 best rubbish removal companies by an independent rating agency six years in a row. Best yet, no permits needed, no wrong bin sizes, no neighbours dumping etc. We load and go, charging only for your actual waste volume. Smart. Easy.

Traditional skip bin & illegal dumping issues

Often traditional skip bins are kept for several days, and you may not be watching all the time, it is possible that you may see rubbish dumped in your bin and you will struggle to fit your one junk which you wanted to clear.

Did you know you are liable for whatever is in the bin whether you put it there or not? Paint, tyres, mattresses, chemicals, asbestos, food waste, medical waste including sharpies, heavy rubble etc are just a few items commonly dumped and they ALL incur massive penalties from your bin provider at pickup. Sometimes the bin hire cost can double or triple as a result and you are forced to remove certain items also.

illegal dumping melton shire

Though there are strict laws and heavy penalties applied when caught doing illegal dumping, unfortunately, people are still doing it.

Select your options wisely, choose a reliable rubbish removal company instead of hiring a traditional skip bin.

Easy Skip Hire and Rubbish Removal have done some phenomenal work in partnership with Melton shire council and the council has recommended many victims of illegal rubbish dumping use our service to get rid of junk faster at an affordable rate. We have made rubbish removal Melton easy!

Incorrect bin size, volume, weight allowance or shape.

This is one of the most common issues when it comes to hiring a traditional skip bin. It is very confusing for common people to assess their volume of rubbish and often end up hiring either smaller or bigger bins which result in more cost and a slow process to get the job done. As mentioned earlier, a V shape bin won’t take a square or rectangular items. Smaller bins can’t offer the length width or height you may need for furniture or hard waste. The bin itself may cause property damage due to its weight and the weight of the truck needed to pick up and drop it off.

Did you know every bin has a weight allowance and comparable items list that goes with it? Sometimes weight is your issue, not volume. For example. You think you only have a few cubic metres of soil or concrete, so order a 2m3 bin. Yet that bin is often weight rated to 750-1000kg, yet you put 2,000 kg (2T) into it. The penalties for an overweight bin are massive.

It is far easier to use our rubbish removal service, you can just send a few pics of your rubbish and we will send you the estimate and the job will be done with speed and accuracy.

Overloading bin charges

Where you overload your bin or it is done due to illegal dumping since you have ordered the bin you will need to pay for overloading bin penalties which are often double the cost of the bin hire itself. If you go above water level that’s classed as overloading. If it’s too heavy for the rating, that’s overloading, both become very painful for the hiring party.

Easy Skip Hire only charges for your actual volume, no overloading or overweight penalties at all, ever.

Overloading and dumping have become very common in the western suburbs. Avoid ordering traditional bins altogether and use our best rubbish removal western suburbs Melbourne service. Whether you need rubbish removal in Point Cook or all the way in Melton we can get to you in no time. Book your service now, call us on 1300 397 547

Incomparable Items

It’s a common mistake to fill the bin with your incompatible rubbish types which again result in more cost, more wasted time.

Not everything can go into the same bin, learn more about waste types to learn what can and can’t go into the bin.

With our service, you do not need to worry about it, just let us know your rubbish type and the volume and we will provide you with the estimate and the job gets done with ease.

Delayed drop-off or pickup

Your bin id is typically dropped off after being ordered days prior within a 12-hour window, not great if you are time-sensitive for your job. Ditto applies at pickup time. Ordered a bin that was too small? Guess what, now you have to wait another day or two, another permit, another delivery waiting window of 12 hours, hoping all along neighbours don’t fill it for you.

There are certain jobs which need priority attention like deceased estate rubbish removal and hence its worth choosing a coming who can do the job faster and hassle free.

Avoid this hassle, call Easy Skip Hire & Rubbish removal and get a free quote today! EASY!

Additional bin means another permit

If you happen to order a similar bin or you accumulated more rubbish that you can’t fit in one bin means you will have to order another bin and that means getting another permit from the council and the hassle continues.

As explained above, with a modern rubbish removal service you do not need to worry about any of these, just call, get the estimate, approve the job and done, easy!


There are so many seen and unseen challenges when hiring a traditional bin it literally can make you dizzy at the thought. Overloading the bin, wasting money on a bin that’s too big, penalties, illegal dumping, incorrect size, incorrect shape, length, width, height or weight allowance, incomparable and illegal waste types, ordering another bin means another permit, more time, more illegal dumping etc.

Easy Skip Hire & Rubbish Removal

We are based in Point Cook, whether you need rubbish removal Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Altona or anywhere in Melbourne, just call us today!

Make the SMART choice, chose EASY.


From as low as $175*

No Call-Out Fees · No Labour Fees · No Council Permits · Only Pay For Actual Volume

* For up to 2 cubic metres of cardboard/foam only for this special rate. Additional cubic metres $85 ex GST.

Lowest Price Guarantee*: If you find a lower comparable quote - we'll beat it by 10%!

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Also Awarded Best Rubbish Removal & Skip Hire Company - Victoria in the Australian Enterprise Awards in 2023 & 2024.

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Thank you so much, so fast and friendly absolutely no judgement a true professional able to take away my 8 year olds nappies and invoice his plan manager via NDIS. Absolutely amazing service thanks again. Will be a monthly basis
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Steve was fantastic from first contact to job completion. He went above and beyond to complete an extremely challenging job. Reliable, friendly and all at an extremely reasonable price. Could not recommend him more.
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From as low as $175*

No Call-Out Fees · No Labour Fees · No Council Permits · Only Pay For Actual Volume

* For up to 2 cubic metres of cardboard/foam only for this special rate. Additional cubic metres $85 ex GST.

Lowest Price Guarantee*: If you find a lower comparable quote - we'll beat it by 10%!