Understanding which waste types are skip bin friendly?

skip bin

Not all kinds of waste can be placed in skip bins by the law. It’s very important to understand what is ok and safe to have removed before placing your rubbish in a skip bin.

Additional charges may apply if incorrect waste is deposited into the skip bins. So it’s critical to identify the waste types.

Most of the household waste can be taken away without any issues, additional charges apply to remove big items like mattress and tyres for instance.

There are some waste which are not considered as general waste like bricks, tiles, concretes, stones and some liquid items like chemicals and oils. For these types call to discuss.

If you are cleaning your house and it may be worth placing general waste at one place and hard rubbish at a different place.

In some situations mixed waste is accepted and if you got mixed junk which needs to be removed then call us today and will guide you through.

Easy Skip Hire is a 5 star rated rubbish removal and skip bin hire service in Melbourne. And if you have got any question about waste types or how it can be taken away then get in touch with us today!

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