How much does rubbish removal typically cost?

rubbish dumpIf you are looking for an idea about how much rubbish removal may cost then you may need to understand the points below which should help make your rubbish removal experience Easy.

There are several factors that influence the price for rubbish to be taken away so you can keep your place, office, factory or other nice and tidy.

The rubbish type: Understanding your rubbish type is important. There are certain rubbish types which are easy to load like green waste and some are a bit difficult like hard rubbish. So know your rubbish type. Visit our waste type page for more information. Different rubbish types also have different pricing, please let us know when you make an enquiry.

The amount of rubbish you may have. It’s very straight forward as the more rubbish you may have it would cost more to clear them, however, we always look to sharpen the pencil for you in such instances.

Generally, rubbish is measured in cubic metres and for a general understanding on volume please visit our bin size page for more information. The other metric is weight as sometimes weight is combined with volume to establish pricing.

Council Permit: For traditional skip hire, you often would need a permit from your council and there is a cost associated. We are a mobile skip bin hire company, we come load the rubbish and take it away and you do not need permit with our service, additionally, our skips are also on wheels also avoiding a council permit requirement.

The distance from your place to the nearest rubbish disposal site. It’s not a major factor but in some situations, we may this into account.

A mixture of rubbish, not all rubbish can be deposited at the same place so, if your rubbish may have a mix of different rubbish type like green waste, household rubbish, bricks, concrete, soil etc. Tyres, mattresses, chemicals, fuel etc are also not fit for bins and once discussed with us prior we can assist in removing such items.

Site cleaning and rubbish removal, additional charges may apply if we need to do more cleaning apart from the rubbish area.

Understanding all the related issues and factors to consider when looking at pricing for rubbish removal is why we always encourage you to take a photo of your rubbish area and send it to us. Alternatively, you can call us and we will give guide you though your specific needs and situation.

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