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Reputable Rubbish removal cost in Melbourne starts from $70 plus GST per cubic metre. The price to dispose of waste industry wide increases annually due to EPA levies, Recycling handling costs and more. Your specific job pricing varies due to many factors like rubbish type, amount of rubbish, mixture of rubbish etc, weight, recyclability, dimensions etc. We have made rubbish removal Point Cook easy as our had office is located here. We provide services across Melbourne, call us today!

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The most important piece of information for you, the customer is this. The more detail you can supply us, the more accurate the estimation of your job cost will be and overall the lower your job costs will be. With Easy Skip hire you will also avoid penalties. It’s common practice for traditional bin companies to charge penalties (such as incompatible items, incorrect items in bin, overweight in bin, overloading the bin, non-accepted items such as mattresses, tyres and much more). 

Easy Skip Hire & Rubbish Removal simply will never charge you penalties. Our upfront estimations are honest best effort indications of your cost. We charge for actual volume only. Whether you need to know the price for green waste removal in Melbourne or hard rubbish, just call us on 1300 397 547 to learn more. You can also request for the same day rubbish removal pricing.

Rubbish Removal Price Per Cubic Metre

The best way to know the rubbish removal price per cubic metre in Melbourne is by identifying the volume of rubbish and its type and getting an estimate for that. With that in mind, the easiest way to get your estimated pricing for junk removal is by taking a few photos of your rubbish and sending it to 0438 23 23 23. We will reply within minutes and look to book a suitable day and time that suits you. With Easy Skip Hire, you never wait around for a 12-hour bin delivery timeframe (industry-standard practice), no pay for permits or penalties. Easy.

Request for a residential or office rubbish removal in Melbourne quote and get your taken away in no time by by our team. If you need price for deceased estate rubbish removal, just call us on 1300 397 547 today!

Rubbish Removal Cost

Rubbish Removal Cost Factors:

  • The rubbish type: Understanding your waste type is important. There are certain rubbish types which are easy to load like green waste and some are a bit difficult like hard rubbish. So know your rubbish type. Visit our waste type page for more information. Different rubbish types also have different pricing, please let us know when you make an enquiry.
  • The amount of rubbish you may have. It’s very straight forward as the more rubbish you may have it would cost more to clear them, however, we always look to sharpen the pencil for you in such instances.
  • Generally, rubbish is measured in cubic metres and for a general understanding on volume please visit our bin size page for more information. The other metric is weight as sometimes weight is combined with volume to establish pricing.
  • Council Permit: For traditional skip hire, you often would need a permit from your council and there is a cost associated. We are a mobile skip bin hire company, we come load the rubbish and take it away and you do not need permit with our service, additionally, our skips are also on wheels also avoiding a council permit requirement.
  • The distance from your place to the nearest rubbish disposal site. It’s not a major factor but in some situations, we may this into account.
  • A mixture of rubbish, not all rubbish can be deposited at the same place so, if your rubbish may have a mix of different rubbish type like green waste, household rubbish, bricks, concrete etc. Tyres, mattresses, chemicals, fuel etc are also not fit for bins and once discussed with us prior we can assist in removing such items.
  • Site cleaning and rubbish removal, additional charges may apply if we need to do more cleaning apart from the rubbish area.

Understanding all the related issues and factors to consider when looking at pricing for rubbish removal is why we always encourage you to take a photo of your rubbish area and send it to us. Alternatively, you can call us and we will give guide you though your specific needs and situation.

We travel across Melbourne, whether you need rubbish removal in Werribee in the west, bayside in the south-east or Craigieburn in norther, we have got you covered.

We have made rubbish removal job easy, call us on 1300 397 547 to know more about rubbish removal cost in Melbourne.

Tip fees up 450% in just 15 months.

Whether you remove your junk yourself via a tip run, or if you use and old school bin company or a modern rubbish removal service like Easy Skip Hire and Rubbish Removal, we are ALL paying huge tips fees that continue to grow exponentially.
Example 1:
One of the two National leaders in waste management had a min cost for the smallest jobs of just under $90 in February 2021. That same facility now charges $440 for the same min load…. In just 15 mths. 
Example 2: 
Another leading National waste management company has lifted rates 6 times since January 2022-July 2022. 
Why is this happening? 

The explanation being given to us includes reasons like fuel increasing costs for transport and machine operation. Another is the wonderful Government and EPA levies. We have actually lost count of the amount of EPA levies, levy upon levy upon levy. Overall Tip facility management costs, wages etc have also been provided as reasons, all valid to some degree. 
However, what isn’t valid is the compounding effect of all these costs. Adding 5% here, $50 per tonne there, another $50 levy here, another 10% rise there then adding percentile after percentile rise upon rise sees bigger percentage increases on increasingly larger prices to begin with. A new 10% rise is closer to $50 vs two years back a 10% rise was around $20. 
Where does this stop? 
Nobody knows, despite our best efforts nobody wants to even have a discussion around this, from operators to Government departments. The industry needs more collaboration and consultation so we can all achieve reductions in illegal dumping and encourage the industry to provide the cheapest way forward for customers and operators alike, always with the environmental best practice in mind. 
What can you do to get the best results and cheapest price for your rubbish job?
Talk to us. Sms pics and improve your knowledge by reading our many articles and help guides. That said, in summary make sure you do not mix incompatible waste types and create separated piles as per our guides and help info suggest. 
We still do not charge for time, labour or call-out fees. We do our best to keep your costs down, charging only for your actual volume. This could not be fairer, especially if you talk and collaborate with us, we can advise you case by case to get you the cheapest way forward.
We are very competitive in the market, when you add our extra service levels and charging for actual volume, we believe we are the fairest and most complete end to end solutions provider in waste and rubbish removal. With well of 400 5-Star reviews across the web you know you can trust Easy Skip Hire and Rubbish Removal to get the job done right at the right price. 
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Steve did an amazing job at our house for rubbish removal. We booked the job at such short notice and after 3PM on a Friday when all other bin removal agencies say no, but he came in and gave us a fair price for the trash volume.Easy skip hire is prompt, fair, and honest business. Big shout out to them. Would 100% recommend anyone who wants to get trash removed from their property.Thanks Steve. You saved our day😊
Ann Mann
Ann Mann
Steve was prompt, on time, very efficient and went well beyond what I expected.Communication was excellent & exceptional value given today’s exorbitant tip fees. The whole process was so very easy, especially for those without the resources to cart 2metres or more to the tip themselves or the inclination to battle the traffic.I would thoroughly recommend Easy Skip Hire. Ann Mann
Great service 10/10. Steve was very professional, friendly, on time and quick to load the rubbish. Site was left spotless. Offered great advice for other rubbish removal. Would highly recommend and would definitely use Easy Skip Hire again in the future. Steve made the whole experience from first contact to completion so easy, fast and stress free. Thankyou Steve. Very happy customer .
A true professional. On time and exceeded my expectations. Steve was very understanding and removed all the rubbish in a timely manner. The site was left spotless. I will definitely be using only this service from now on. Highly recommend.
Scout Bastow
Scout Bastow
Absolutely amazing service. Very quick to organise pick up from making contact. Definitely worth every penny and will be my first choice if I need the services again!
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Lowest Price Guarantee*: If you find a lower comparable quote - we'll beat it by 10%!

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