Illegal rubbish dumping in Melbourne is on the rise

The people of Melbourne are voicing their concern over illegal rubbish dumping in different suburbs across metropolitan Melbourne. The Herald Sun has covered various stories about how people are overloading bins and dumping different rubbish types like mattresses, furniture and even construction waste on the nature strip.

As quoted in the newspaper, there is a 292% increase in illegal rubbish dumping complaints in recent years.

There are several actions which have been taken by local councils but the problem is continuously on the rise. As the population continues to grow, council bins particularly in busy areas get full quickly and people continue to overload bins.

The type of issue is not limited to overloading bins only. Melbourne’s expanding population across different locations has seen an increase in People leaving old furniture, sofas and mattresses on the street and often it blocks footpath which is a common health and safety issue for all whom love and reside in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Despite various council crackdown efforts, the problem seems to be continuing. Councils have limited resources to deal with occasional hard rubbish collection and people are continuing to deposit old hard rubbish on the street. It’s neither safe nor legal to deposit hard rubbish on the street and block the footpath.

If you have a pile of rubbish to be taken away then instead of leaving them on the street call a rubbish removal company to take your rubbish away. The council may issue you a fine for leaving your rubbish illegally on the street.

Herald Sun also reported that about the ongoing issue which is costing the Salvation Army more than $6 million a year to clear, despite bags of items being dropped off by well-meaning donors. People donate millions in charity events to the organisation to have others effectively cancel and waste much of that goodwill on avoidable waste issues like these.

The newspaper also reported that the Kingston council has also announced a crackdown and they will nab illegal dumpers. A similar announcement was made by Hume council to fight against illegal rubbish dumping on the streets.

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