Rubbish Removal Vs Skip Bin Hire

Generally, rubbish removal companies deal with jobs in the backyard such as green waste through to furniture removal and general junk cleanups. They also provide their service to commercial clients like builders Rubbish and cage clear removals. The main advantage is that you pay only for what you use.

On the other side skip bin hire companies often send their skip and once you fill it with the rubbish they take it away. A council permit is most often required to keep the skip for required number of days. Generally, you will have to load it by yourself. Sometimes, your neighbour may fill your skip with their rubbish which is less than idea. Also, unless you can confidently estimate the correct bin size you will need, you may well waste money on a bin that is too big or worse, need a second bin and permit because you ordered one that was too small.

These two services are related but suppliers typically offer one or the other, rarely both.

Who should I call to take my rubbish away?
If you are a domestic customer and if you need your garbage to be taken away then mobile skip bin hire would be the best solution. On the other side if you are a commercial customer with limited rubbish like house construction & renovation then also mobile skip bin hire should fit your needs perfectly.

rubbish removal vs skip bin hire

If you are a larger building construction company then you may need to hire a skip depending on your needs.

Easy Skip Hire
We are a mobile skip bin hire and rubbish removal company with a simple motto: We do the work and load it for you. We are fast, efficient and we get the work done with the highest standard. We ranked in top 3 rubbish removal companies in Melbourne by an independent website. Our service is mobile and you do not need any permit from the council.

Need a rubbish removal quote?

The best way to get a more accurate junk removal quote is by taking few pictures and send those to us at or SMS to 0438232323 and we will call you to discuss about your situation. We are a 5 star rated company in Melbourne.

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