Why use Easy Skip Hire?

Our mobile skip bin hire service comes to you often for less than the cost of a regular skip. Easy Skip Hire will load and remove your rubbish for you. A company with a very high level of customer satisfaction, if you are searching for the best rubbish removal in Melbourne, call Easy Skip Hire.


Typically no, because we are in and out usually same day and we dispose of (including recycling) the rubbish for you it’s all pretty easy really.


All our staff are police checked and take customer service very seriously. Added to our clean, modern and mobile skips we handle it all for you in a quick, clean, secure and professional manner.


Easy Skip Hire will not remove concrete, asphalt, soil or any hazardous materials (Asbestos etc).


Easy Skip Hire charges by volume not weight. We accept credit cards and cash (no Diners).


Call on 1300 EZ SKIP (1300 397 547) and we will guide you through describing your specific needs and typically provide an obligation free quote over the phone. Sometimes we will need to arrive at your site we’ll then calculate your total volume and give you the exact cost prior to loading any rubbish.


Easy Ship Hire recycles whenever possible.

How to achieve the best pricing and quotations

Upon your Initial call, you will be asked your address, what size bin you require, what type of material is going into it and how long you require it. With this information you will be quoted a competitive price. Included in this price is delivery, pick up, and all associated tip fees.

It is critical that you are honest with regards to what goes in the bin. Large and heavy waste items (concrete, rocks, bricks, tiles etc) can radically change disposal fees. We will pass on such fees if these items are concealed and not initially agreed upon.

What can I put in the bin?

Skip bins are a flexible Rubbish removal solution, but not everything can go into a skip bin. See Waste Types page.

How much can I put in my bin?

For safety and legal reasons, skip bins should not be filled any higher than the rim and should be loaded carefully in order to avoid any spillage during transit. In the event that a driver arrives to collect your bin and it has been overfilled, we reserve the right to remove some of the contents and/or charge an extra amount for the excess.

Talk to us before you consider loading the skip if you are unsure in any way. We want your experience to be EASY!

Can I mix the load?

Yes, you can mix the rubbish; however different rates apply for green waste, household rubbish, concrete bricks and soil. We suggest you separate your waste which It is often much cheaper and better for the environment.

CRITICAL – How much weight can I put in the bin?

The maximum load for our skip bins is 1.8tonne unless prior agreed. This is a legal requirement based upon total maximum load.

Rubbish removal greater than 3m³ are not permitted to be filled with any solid fill. (i.e. dirt, bricks, concrete, pavers etc).

We are not allowed to carry any unsafe loads and we ask that you respect the legal and safety reasons behind this statement. Your bin must be safely stacked to water level, so that it can be tied down or tarped. Waste should not be able to move in transit.

Can You use a earth mover or Dingo with our skip bins?

The short answer is not without prior agreement. We can accommodate such jobs but need to know in advance to provide the right solution. Our standard skip hire is not suitable for this use case.

Can I fill the bins with concrete what do I need to know?

The 2 & 4 cubic metre bins can be filled to the rim with concrete, bricks, soil (clean Fill ) if discussed and prior agreed.

If you have more then 2 cubic metres of very heavy material, we will discuss solutions and options before you proceed.

What happens if I overload the bin?

If possible we will try to take the skip, once the overloaded item is removed from the top of the bin, the overloaded item(s) where possible will be left in a neat pile near the site of the bin. We can arrange to pick up the excess as an additional job.

What happens if the we cannot remove the skip due to overloading?

We will contact you and advise you that we are unable to remove the skip due to the overloading. We will then arrange for you to receive another skip from us for you to transfer the material into. This skip will be charged at the stated rate.

If you are unsure about any of the information on this page or have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How long can I keep the bin?

Bin Hire is usually up to 2 days. If you finish with the bin sooner, simply call us and we will collect it. However, if you have not finished with the bin within the 2 days please contact us ASAP to make alternative arrangements. Please note additional daily rates apply for extended hire times. Please call us for enqiries regarding excess daily rates.

Can we get a bin delivered on a Saturday or Sunday?

Yes! We can deliver on Saturdays and Sunday.

Can you move the bin?

Strictly under NO circumstances is a bin to be moved.

Can you place the bin under my carport or in my garage?

If there is no risk to property damage we always try to make your life EASY! However, we also cannot risk the damage to your property so it’s case by case.

Can we put the bin on the nature strip?

Generally, yes, however we cannot block pedestrian access. You may need a permit from Council or Body Corporates. This responsibility rests solely with you as the hirer of the services.

Deceased estate rubbish removal

We are a leading deceased rubbish removal service provider in Melbourne. If you have any question, call us today!

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