Top 10 Challenges For Clearing A Deceased Estate Of Rubbish And Unwanted Items

Emotional touch

The most obvious challenge that is genuinely hard to overcome when faced with the unfortunate task of clearing a deceased estate of waste, junk, hoardered rubbish and general junk is the emotional one. You are dealing with enough, too much and we absolutely understand and are here to help make it as Easy as possible.

As Director, cleaning my own mothers home was singularly the hardest thing I’ve done in years and one of the most difficult things I’ve done in my lifetime. Learn more about our deceased estate rubbish removal Melbourne service.

Deceased Estate Rubbish Removal Melbourne
Deceased Estate Rubbish Removal Melbourne

What are some of the challenges you may not therefore think about? How can Easy Skip Hire and Rubbish Removal make it Easier for you in this time of need? Read on.

Deciding what stays and what goes

Deciding what stays and what goes, what may be donated etc itself is a huge challenge in dealing with deceased estate rubbish. We can take whatever you need gone, you just choose what stays and goes and we remove the unwanted items from where they lay.

Pro Tip: Use a Fluorescent sticky note pad to mark what goes and another color to mark what stays as you walk around the home and make those difficult decisions.


Stress!!! Are you an expert in rubbish removal or deceased estate clearances? No. Having a chat with us offers piece of mind, understanding, awareness, confidence and ultimately we remove the stress. Call us today 1300 397 547 to have your mind eased in this hard time.

Cost & clarity

Would you believe most in the industry don’t want to even supply a tax invoice? Not with us, we email full itemised invoices so you can claim it or show others involved in managing the Estate or costs.

Learn more about rubbish removal costs.

Dealing with heavy items

Heavy, awkward and hard to relocate items are an obvious challenge. No worries, we will remove it and as we do the work for you, Easy! Better still we do not charge for time or labour, just your actual waste volume.

Wrong bin size

Did you know on average 98% of people order the wrong sized bin? Never worry about that with Easy Skip Hire & Rubbish Removal as arrive with large mobile bins, but only charge you for your actual volume of rubbish.

Disposing mattress & other items

Mattresses pose a challenge on many fronts, sometimes they are hazardous due to age or health circumstances of the person who sleep on them. They also are awkward and heavy to move, further, they are not allowed into traditional old type drop off bins. Did you know most old style bin providers will charge you DOUBLE the cost of the bin if you put a mattress or say tyre, paint or chemicals in it? Not with us, we even make sure that stuff is recycled. Easy as!

Clearing the home has its challenges, but we often find that old sheds and garages have also to as much junk to clear as the home itself. Don’t stress, we can clear the sheds, garage and even the front and back yards. We don’t just clear the home itself. Remember, we do NOT charge for time or labour!

In circumstances where Sharps and hazardous items exist, it’s simply unsafe for you to attempt it yourself. Leave it to experts like us.

Traditional skip bin vs modern rubbish removal service

When you have lots to manage mentally around the deceased estate itself, it’s easy to rush in an order an old style drop off bin. However, we strongly suggest you do not do that. Here is just some of the reasons why;

  • 95% of the time neighbours fill the bin within 24 hours of drop off
  • 98% order the incorrect size or shape of bin for their waste volume and waste types
  • If you fill above water level, you may be penalised and that often is double the cost of the quoted bin
  • Many items are not allowed in skip bins like mattresses, tyres, paint, chemicals, rugs, carpets, bricks and rubble, glass etc
  • The trucks that deliver these bins are huge and heavy, often resulting in driveway or property damage due to weight, size and dragging bins up onto the truck

We have a detailed blog on common issues with traditional skip bins.

Access issues

Some homes have access issues and you cannot even drop off a bin even if you still wanted one. We come with mobile bins that can access anywhere a large 4th car or Ute can. So difficult parking or access sites are something we specialise in making Easy!

Being mindful of neighbours, local foot traffic and the general locational based challenges are something we navigate safely and easily every day. Leave it to the experts like us.

We are here to help

If you aren’t sure what stays or goes, or how much volume you have, or what’s allowed and what isn’t allowed in the bin etc, how can you possibly order the correct bin? Impossible. So call Easy Skip Hire and Rubbish Removal, we solve those challenges and so much more, making it as Easy as can be given it’s already a very difficult time for you and the family.

We are a rubbish removal Point Cook based company and we offer our services Melbourne wide.


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Quick and thorough service. Wish I'd found it sooner. Very happy customer!
Ruth O'Mahony
Ruth O'Mahony
Reached out to Steve to dispose of a lot of green waste. Steve responded promtly and was even able to attend a few hours later. He was friendly and professional and I would hesitate to recommend his services.
K Pamaran
K Pamaran
Easy Skip Hire & Rubbish Removal exceeded my expectations with their excellent and efficient service! I found myself in a predicament after another rubbish company stopped servicing my area, leaving me with a pile of waste and nowhere to turn. Luckily, Easy Skip Hire came to the rescue, swiftly collecting my rubbish and putting my mind at ease. Their team was incredibly easy to communicate with, and their professionalism truly made a difference. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable rubbish removal!
Geoff Barbour
Geoff Barbour
I was very pleased with the job done for me by Easy Skip Hire and Rubbish Removal when I was clearing my mum's deceased estate. I have recommended them to others many times. Arrived promptly and got the job done very efficiently.
Lisa Petricca
Lisa Petricca
Had a fantastic experience with this company. Steve responded to my text quickly, was on time, removed all the branches piled up in the carport and cleaned up everything perfectly after.
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Lowest Price Guarantee*: If you find a lower comparable quote - we'll beat it by 10%!

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