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Traditional Skip Bin Issues

Thinking Of Hiring A Traditional Skip Bin? Think Again!

Regardless of your types of waste in need of removal, from decluttering, green waste removal, hard waste bricks, rubble or if you are renovating your home or office, making the SMART decision of choosing a Rubbish Removal collection over a traditional bin could save you time, money and stress. Easy

illegal dumping melton shire

Melton Shire Council Recommends Easy Skip Hire

Melton Shire Council recommends Easy Skip Hire & Rubbish Removal after we clear an Illegal dumping hotspot in Caroline Springs. Illegal dumping has become a serious problem Melbourne wide, however recently in the northwestern suburbs of Melbourne we were engaged to clear a large hot spot that was full of

Urgent Rubbish Removal

9 Things To Know About Urgent Rubbish Removal In Melbourne

Clearing rubbish is indeed a task that becomes more challenging once your situation changes like moving out if you are a victim of illegal dumping when it’s not safe to remove it yourself or it’s simply stacked up on the curb where you are at risk of a council fine.

Green Waste Removal

10 Facts You Should Know About Green Waste

Before we begin talking about things you should know about green waste, let’s understand what green waste is and is not first. Green waste is considered as biodegradable waste which means it can decompose over time. Green waste is broken down naturally with the help of bacteria. Generally, biodegradation can

Same day green waste removal Melbourne

Tips For Garden & Green Waste Removal

We love green in our backyard, it is a fun and important part of the family home and workplace. Being connected to nature and greenery helps us feel better and is very helpful in wellness. Sometimes however it can become hard to manage and the backyard needs cleaning which generally

Illegal Rubbish Dumping

How To Stop Illegal Rubbish Dumping On My Property?

We all know dumping rubbish on another person’s property is illegal but it is continuing to happen in our neighbourhoods across Melbourne, particularly in high-growth areas. Illegal dumping happens in the form of hard, green waste and other kinds of rubbish. Easy Skip Hire & Rubbish Removal is a leading

victoria rubbish bin system

Victoria Rubbish Bin Overhaul

Victoria like all states has staggering volumes of domestic waste going directly from their council supplied bins to landfill. This old school approach clearly and urgently needs to change. Besides the obvious lack of sustainability issues, it poses fire risks, local pollution and management issues at landfill sites and requires

Easy Skip Hire Truck

Easy Skip Hire – Gold Sponsor for Beyond Blue

Easy Skip Hire – We are proud to be a Gold Sponsor of fundraiser. This great campaign is raising funds and awareness for Beyond Blue. Beyond Blue: Making a difference in the lives of people in Australia affected by anxiety, depression and suicide. Easy Skip Hire is the gold

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