Illegal Rubbish Dumping in Melbourne, Easy Skip Hire Cleared 30m3 & Saved Thousands For The Customer

Rubbish Removal Big Job

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The customer is OVER THE MOON!

Our team carried out a massive rubbish removal job which was illegally dumped on a customer’s property.

  • During the process our team:
  • Found who illegally dumped
  • Got them to acknowledge it
  • Got them to pay our bill, saved the customer $$$
  • Made them remove the remaining waste at no cost to the customer by the weekend.

We could have ignored it and gauged the customer for more work, more $$$ but it wasn’t the right way, not the Easy Skip Hire way.

The customer is OVER THE MOON!

This is not the first time we did rubbish removal job for a client where illegal dumping was done but this one was a big job.

It has become more and more common in Melbourne where illegal dumping is done and local councils are doing their bit to fight against it.

We would like to say that it’s not that expensive to get your rubbish removal job done by professionals. If you have rubbish then call us and we can help you to get rid of your rubbish.

Check out some photos and the customer review below.

Illegal Rubbish Dumping Cleared by Easy Skip Hire

Illegal rubbish cleared by Easy Skip Hire

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